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At In The Groove Studio, we teach Private and Shared Lessons.  

  • Our shared lessons are designed for students to learn the skills in working together and have opportunities to use technology integrated learning tools that motivate, engage and inspire. Paired with a music buddy, of a similar age or experience, students share a 1hour time with an instructor.  A portion of the lesson is spent on the Music Lab with technology enhanced learning tools that give students feedback on their skills and teach theory, ear training, etc.  A portion of the lesson is also spent with individual instruction. Periodically, students work together to play music-based educational games and learn how to create music together.
  • Private lessons are a great fit for students who want to explore in-depth studies on an instrument, available in 30min or 1hour times.  Typically we recommend this format for teens and adults. 

Lesson Schedule:

Lessons are held weekly (on Tu/Wed/Th) in 3 semesters.  Each semester is 11 weeks long over 3 months.  Semesters begin Sep 20, Jan 3 & Apr 4.  There are no scheduled lessons in December. The last lesson is June 14, 2017.  Additional lesson times may be scheduled to account for teacher absences.  There are no lessons in the summer.

Lesson Fees:

Lessons are billed monthly, on the first of each month (no payments in December). There is a $33 material fee each semester. Fees are payable monthly with post-dated cheques for each semester or with automatic monthly payments by credit card.  Advance fees are discounted at 3% per semester or 10% annually, payable by cash/cheque/credit card.

$129/month shared 1 hour lesson; $165/month private 1 hour lesson + $33 material fee/semester

To Register:

1. Please complete the registration form below.  

2. We will get back to you as soon as possible, with lesson availability.